Monday, December 19, 2011

Ben H House of Fun print on sale now

House of Fun is the final and most poignant art release from Ben H to mark the end of 2011. Another year of global political theater that has most certainly effected many but arguably changed a whole lot less.

In the spirit of the above, the image depicts the House Of Commons and the representative M.P.s as grown babies each carrying out their own comical yet sordid activities. There's so much going on here that it's worth having a good long stare! Each character is has it's own role which shows Ben H's tenacity as a draughtsman and his ability to create a very strong narrative. There's even Mr V for Vendetta hiding in amongst the rows. A nod to Ben's admiration for Alan Moore.

This set is limited to a run of 36 prints split into sets of 12. Each set has a slightly different colored finish.

Warm glow
Cool glow.
Green glow

All will numbered, signed and dated by the Artist, in a different colored ink. The artist signature is uniquely located on each print and holds the official Beats In My Brush stamp.

The Size is A2
H - 23.4" / W - 16.5"
With white border
Hi Res, Giclée print on matt 300 gm German Etching paper.

Buy them HERE

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