Monday, August 27, 2012

UPDATED Exclusive Release Details Phish Poster from Charlotte by Matt Huynh

Test on Kraft Paper

Some progress, a comparison of 2 early prints with adjusted Bordeaux linework layers. The left has fields of color opened up and more dynamics in the tone

Detail of early test print

Precise recipes for the magical ink mixtures

 Matt Huynh's first venture into the gigposter world has been more than he ever expected. Everyone loved his first poster for the Phish show last night. Matt has done some artwork for Phish's Deluxe Joy box in the past but this is his and also first silk screen print.

It’s a special one and Matt really pushed what he could do with three colors. Matt worked alongside the incredibly talented team at NYC’s Axelle Fine Arts, who print for fine artists as well as a notable early influence on his comics work, Paul Pope. Axelle Fine Arts is the premier printer in New York and easily the whole country.

The poster is 18 x 24 “, printed on a 100% cotton Coventry fine art rag, and hand numbered and signed. The above is the final artwork, complete with “typos”.


 I have been talking with Matt again today

He decided to make these available for $50 (+ $20 packaging and shipping) to save him some headaches!
His first gig poster has been a huge learning curve!

Please let him know if you're interested, the easiest way is to write him at to see if there's any left and he'll send Paypal details

First come first served don't hesitate on the this piece of fine art. Thanks to Matt for giving you my faithful readers a discount !! Check out his other work HERE

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