Sunday, August 19, 2012

HEADS UP SAVE SOME MONEY on Shepard Fairey Upper Deck Michael Jordan Large Size prints

One of my loyal readers Todd let me know about this. Back in 2009 Upper Deck released 3 prints by Shepard Fairey of Michael Jordan. They came in two sizes 18 x 24 and 24 x 36. Well the large ones were $500 now Upper Deck just cut the price on all 3 down to $150 each

Each one is an edition of 123 and signed and numbered by Shepard Fairey

Use the code MJ at checkout and get free shipping. I think it works, if anyone does use it let me know please

Few folks let me know the code does not work, ehh try it anyway you never know

Buy them HERE


  1. I tried the code, it didn't work.

    Thanks for the heads up though! :)

  2. I pick up one and shipping was only $5..that seems to be a discount to me.

  3. Please note they only sell into the US
    A and CANADA - other life forms need not waste their time. Frank from (Australia)