Thursday, August 16, 2012

World Premier Exclusive Breaking Bad tribute piece, the Heisenberg Skull and Crossbones from Tristan Eaton and Pretty in Plastic.

As my regular readers know I enjoy bringing you the coolest stuff first before anyone else. Today is really special, as many of you know The Breaking Bad Art Project is happening Monday at Gallery 1988. As a huge fan of Tristan Eaton's work I'm thrilled to bring you this special piece of Breaking Bad art.

So it is with great pleasure I reveal Tristan Eaton's Heisenberg Skull and Crossbones from Pretty in Plastic. Done up in chemical suit yellow this thing rocks, I can only hope they make some other colors like a clear blue or a green would be great. I have good feeling Pretty in Plastic won't let this opportunity go by without doing some real special ones.

Be sure to click the image to enlarge these bad boys


Available Monday, August 20th at the Breaking Gifs art project show at Gallery1988.

• Each piece measures in at 5 inches tall x 6 inches wide.
• Run of 40 yellow units.
• Cast in heavy-duty plastic and manufactured in Los Angeles.
• Price per piece is TBD

Also 20% of proceeds from the show go to the Alzheimer's Association

I must say Tristan Eaton and Pretty in Plastic did a great job with these. I just wish I was going to the show

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  1. These are ONLY available at the art show? JANK!