Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brian Ewing Shub Zeroth Print Release

Did you know Monday was H. P. Lovecraft’s birthday! Homeboy is 122 yrs old!

I also forgot to post this so...

To commemorate that and all things weird & from beyond Brian Ewing released the framed Shub Zeroth giclee print. He brought a handful to Comic Con to help celebrate the unveiling of Meta Crypt’s prototype for the Shub vinyl toy. They sold out faster than expected so he squirelled away the remainder of the print run to release on his site to commemorate the  man’s birthday.

Lovecraft has been a huge influence on Brian's work and many many other artists as well. He created these worlds and mythos then left it open for others to interpret. If you wanna know more and are too lazy to read check out this documentary here.
Giclee Print
5”x7” in an 8”x10” frame
On German Etch Watercolor Paper
S&N edition of 20


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