Thursday, August 30, 2012

Munk One Original paintings and drawings for sale

Munk One has added 15 different original pieces of art to his store. Items ranging from paintings using a variety of mediums to original drawings. Some are paintings that were in gallery shows and there are also original paintings used for album art and drawings for clothing that he did for Upper Playground. More items will be added over time so keep an eye on the store. Original art from any artist rarely comes available so don't miss this chance to move up to the world of original art.

Many of you know I am a big fan of Munk One's work. Just looking at these 5 pieces you can see the depth of his talent. Different mediums and different themes, you would not casually look at these and think they are all by the same person. Diverse talent like that is something I really respect and enjoy. Some artists and their fans are "comfortable" with the same feel and look to all their work, I'm guilty of that as well with a few I like. But what is really intriguing is when an artist keeps pushing himself to create more and push the boundaries with each new piece he creates and not rest on his laurels

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