Friday, August 31, 2012

Shepard Fairey Black Hills Paster Kit On Sale Details

10,  24 x 36 inch folded Offset Pasters for wheat pasting.   Not signed or numbered.

“Shepard and I made these offset paster kits as a way for people to get involved beyond having a poster on their door, or saving a collectors print.  Its time to get your hands dirty.  We hope that people will take these kits and make the issue visible in public spaces instead of keeping the image and message in their homes.
Just this past week a large piece of the Black Hills went up for sale ( and is currently being held for a possible back room private sale to avoid controversy (
After more than 150 years of broken treaties the fight for Native rights to sacred lands continues.
Every pack of these pasters that goes out makes the issue more visible, and the money from the sale of these packs will continue to fund the purchase and printing of the message that we must “Honor The Treaties” and “The Black Hills Are Not For Sale.”  ~Aaron Huey
$15.  Only 100 kits will be sold.
Release date: 9/4/2012 at 10am at


  1. Hmm, I'm all social awareness and activism through posters but making such a relatively small number of these seems so counterintuitive. They are offset and unsigned so why not run as many as they can and completely deter collectors/flippers. That approach would also raise more money and expand the reach of the campaign.

    By making a limited run/timed release, it seems like they are directly targeting collectors.

  2. By saying there is only 100 sets for sale,helped build the hype.There are more for sale on obey web sight.Not sure how many he will print.When there gone,there gone.I saw one of these sell on e-bay last week for $36.Know the seller only paid 15 for 10 posters.I feel bad for the person who spent that moneY.I got a few sets,I'm giveing them away for x-mass gifts.I'm sure in a year these will be selling for big money.