Friday, November 20, 2015

Brad Klausen Pearl Jam Milton Keynes Free Friday Poster Giveaway

While I was watching Pearl Jam during the Global Citizen Concert in New York City back in September I was amused at Matt Cameron's facial expressions. As Pearl Jam fans know he makes some funny faces during a show and he seemed to really be into it during this concert.

If you remember back in June Brad Klausen did a scratch & dent mystery tube sale. He randomly threw in one of the Pearl Jam Milton Keyes misprints in the tubes. Since he got about 100 of the the initial run where the type on the back ended up showing through on the front to some degree (looks mostly like subtle gray scuffs) he wanted them in the hands of fans who wanted them. Now this copy I got looks great I cant see anything showing on the front, it is labeled M.P. in the lower left corner and not signed by Brad.

So as I watched Matt tear up the drums a funny idea crossed my mind. Everyone loves Facebook, taking selfies and playing "Air Drums". So for this weeks Free Friday Poster Giveaway for Brad's poster it's all being wrapped up together.

So for this giveaway instead of leaving a comment here on the blog, go to the Inside the Rock Poster Facebook Page HERE. What you have to do is take a picture of your best Matt Cameron "Drumming Face" and post the picture or video of your "Drumming Face". I will create a post on the Facebook page and pin it to the top of the page so it can be seen and only post pictures in that thread please by commenting. Now 50 people need to participate to make this happen so tell your friends. How do you win ? The winner will be chosen by whoever get's the most Likes for their picture or video.

I apologize to those of you not on Facebook, I wanted to do something different and fun with this giveaway and if I could have figured out another place for folks to post the pictures I would have done it. I wish there was a way to do it on here, but there is not.

Contest is open until 3AM EST on Sunday night November 21 so you will be able to post your picture and vote until then. One picture per person /One entry per person.

So head over to the Inside the Rock Poster Facebook Page and post a picture.

The winner will be announced on Sunday here with their picture.

Not enough people participated, so no one won.  Thank you to the people that did post pictures, hope you had a some fun with it.


  1. not on assbook, but this is a great idea. well done sir.

    1. Thanks man. I went round and round for a couple of weeks trying to figure out something other than on facebook.

  2. At least you acknowleged those of us who aren't part of the fall of civilization, most sites don't even do that. "Fuck facebook!"--James Taylor

  3. Great idea - too bad more didn't participate, but I would have lost to the child with the drum sticks anyway. Thanks