Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tyler Stout Goonies Movie Poster Lottery Sale Details

Tyler Stout will be selling his Goonies poster he made for Mondo via email lottery. everyone who enters will be eligible. The lottery will be closed by 1PM Tuesday, November 24th, Pacific Standard Time.

Sarah will pick from the email entries and send out emails Tuesday, November 24th, hopefully by 3PM PST. for updates, check tstout.com. also, interested in a shirt? no? Tyler is selling them. ends tomorrow. alright.

Details from Tyler on HOW TO ENTER:
First off, and this is CRITICAL, only enter ONCE. if you enter more than once, you'll be disqualified. We have some people every lotto and it sucks to refund people, makes me very sad. when sarah tells me she did it.
and with that info....
Email your Name and Shipping Address to tstoutposter@gmail.com by 1PM PST Tuesday, November 24th, PST. ---- you can put Goonies in the subject line, or leave it blank. We don't read the emails, sarah only goes through and selects people randomly. so please don't write a huge email, this is only a lotto entry, your Name and Shipping address are the only required items.

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