Monday, November 30, 2015

Matt Leunig My Morning Jacket Poster New York Release

Here is Matt Leunig's newest My Morning Jacket poster for their current tour and what a show to do. New York City baby!!!! You may be asking… “What’s with the beach for a poster in the middle of the dead of Winter?” Well, the band is playing 4-nights and each night is to represent a different Season,.. Matt was given “Summer”.

For Matt summer in NYC brings forth a lot of sweaty images… spraying fire hydrants… rainbows over skylines… but his favorite part is the beach. Matt is from Long Beach, NY and would have loved to give a nod to his hometown but Coney Island is just so much more iconic with its amusement park, sideshow atmosphere and of course the Mermaids.

The final poster is a 5-color, 18"x 24" inch screen print. The band had a print run of 208 which was available at the show. Matt will have a run 50 Signed/Numbered Artist prints for sale on Monday November 30th at 11AM PST on his website

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