Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Alan Hynes Puscifer Atlanta Poster On Sale

As a huge fan of Tool I love what Maynard Keenan created with Puscifer. The shows are fun and different and they play their asses off. But they never had and good posters for the shows, well that has changed. When Zoltron was offered the task of curating a Poster Series for The Money Shot Tour, he quickly agreed.

Puscifer is an evolving collective of musical misfits. They know how to compose rad songs, but they don’t take themselves too seriously, which is sorely missing in this godforsaken industry. They are having fun, being creative, making art and masterfully slinging everything from Vinyl and Digital Downloads to David Cross Dvds, Dog Sweaters, Mustache Grooming Supplies, Knee High Socks and Queen Bee Thongs.

For the Poster Series, the band requested a handful of artists & Zoltron called on a bunch of heavy-hitters who know their way around screen printing, several of whom told him to fuck off. But for those who were into it, they all set out with a singular vision in mind. To make some sweet posters... A new poster, designed by a different artist,
hand-printed by a separate masterclass screen printer, signed, numbered, and shipped to a new venue, for each and every show on the tour.

As always, with 25+ artists each offering their own unique take on a single concept, they'll be ensured a creatively varied collection of art, and with the vibe of the new album and tour heavily laced with Luchadors (Lucha Libre/Mexican Wrestlers).

For each show, not including festival dates, there will be a very limited number between 100-125 of pre-tubed, silkscreen posters, available at the merch booth each night.

Right now Alan Hynes has his artist edition posters for sale from the show in Atlanta. The regular edition is 18" x 24" inches. Edition of 125 signed and numbered by Alan Hynes,
4 color screen print with metallic ink. He also has a green variant as well.

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