Friday, November 20, 2015

Zeb Love The Avett Brothers Fargo Poster Release

Zeb Love created this wicked good poster for The Avett Brothers show on November 13 in Fargo ND. He's been really enjoying the 'Emotionalism' record as of late. The idea for this poster was inspired from their 'Living of Love' song. Zeb liked the idea of Lucifer feeling nostalgic/day dreaming...looking back in time, before he was cast out of Heaven. There is another line that goes with it 'Love writes a letter and sends it to hate'.. Zeb liked that imagery as well. Love being divine, visiting the wretch.

" With Lucifer beneath you and God above
If either one of them asks you what your living of Say Love "

Regular Edition of 200 - 18x24" - 4 Colors W/Metallic Blue - $35.00
Variant Edition of 13 - 18x24" - 4 Colors W/Metallic Blue- $60.00

On sale Friday November 20th at a random time

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