Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Darin Shock A Christmas Story Poster "The Greatest Gift" Release

RAAALPHIE !!!! Don't shoot your eye out or you wont be able to Darin Shock's A Christmas Story poster titled "The Greatest Gift"

Darin Shock will be releasing some variants of his A Christmas Story poster entitled "The Greatest Gift". When he originally debuted this last year, his printer at the time had yet to print on foils. Darin thought this print warranted such beautiful variants so he altered it a bit and tailored it specifically to the variants. Darin is really stoked on how the wood veneer turned out.

The posters all measure 18x24" and they are 4 color screen prints.
20 prints on lava foil, 20 on rainbow, 20 on sparkle, and only 5 on wood veneer.

The will be available Tuesday at 2pm EST http://stateofshockstudios.com/store.html

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