Saturday, July 2, 2016

Maxx242 and Brandon Heart 311 Las Vegas Posters World Premiere

Artist Edition Colorways

311 are in Las Vegas for two shows at Mandalay Beach at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino that includes fireworks and one crazy ass party.

Maxx242 and Brandon Heart did the posters for the shows. Night 1 & 2 regular prints are numbered out of 211. There are also around 25 cut foil variants & 25 uncut foil variants each day.

There are 2 merch stands, inside and outside. Inside location is in Mandalay Bay across from the Event Center entrance & Starbucks opens at 1pm local time.

Posters will be split 60/40 between inside & outside stand.  Both night 1 & 2 regular editions will be avail starting today. Tubes will be for sale, including some 4x26 that can accommodate the uncut foils. 

Check back later for pictures of the actual posters.

On sale Wednesday, July 6th 11 AM PDT at

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