Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ouizi Huo and Shui Prints

Detroit-based Ouizi thrives both in beautiful large scale floral murals as well as intricate gallery works and her latest editions Huo & Shui are a true testament to that. These Asian inspired hand-pulled screen prints were created in the 1xRUN Detroit studios with Master Screen Printer Jonny Alexander.

 "These two prints are a conversation about duality. One represents fire, and one represents water. Both elements cancel each other out, but have purposes to fulfill on their own. They are both essential for continuing life, but have the ability to take life. Yin and Yang. The style of this series was inspired by my recent trips to Thailand, Japan, and China. I visited a lot of temples and absorbed a lot of aesthetic information through out the places I went via textiles, architecture, crafts, etc. The ornate background also serves as an opposite to the floral subject matter, being hard and grid like, where as the flowers are organic and loose." - Ouizi

Buy them at 1xRUN.com

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