Tuesday, July 12, 2016

James Flames Widespread Panic Las Vegas Triptych Posters Release

The desert is full of Magic! James Flames is proud to release his latest poster for Widespread Panic. It's a triptych set from their three shows in Las Vegas this past weekend.

These are all extra large Uncut Sheets, sized at 36" x 24", and there are lots of cool variant editions available in very limited quantities.

The illustration is called "The Day The Magic Rolled Into Town", and features a group of explorers riding into old Vegas on horseback. The town seems to have been deserted, all the guitars and amps are broken, all the doors and windows shut. But each of the explorers has a magic blue key with them, and they've been summoned to this area by the magic blue smoke. Together, they'll use the keys to fix all the instruments, and open all the doors, and bring the town back to life! Just in time for Widespread to roll into town...

Everything will be available Tuesday, July 12th at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific at JamesFlames.com

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