Friday, July 29, 2016

Jim Evans TAZ blink 182 Dallas Poster World Premiere Exclusive

Blink-182 will be in Dallas tonight, and Jim Evans / TAZ took time out from surfing to knock out a poster for the show.

The size of the poster is 18x24, and it’s a 7-color silkscreen featuring a split fountain. It is printed on #100 Cougar paper. There will be 100 signed and numbered pieces.

Jim had this to say about the design:
Blink-182 is the band I listen to when I’m snowboarding, they never let up, just keep pushing, and their latest album is great, with my favorite title ever. When given the chance to do a poster for them, I took it. One of the few bands that still carries a hint of danger, I wanted to do something funny, but weird. Something like, “Mothers protect your children, Blink-182 is here!” The signature rabbit replaced the original idea of a baby being squeezed by a snake. Having visited Dallas a few times recently, I choose a classic rock layout, so it looked like the ubiquitous insignias all over Dallas. In fact, I always choose Texas shows whenever possible, just seems like the place where rock should be played.
Pierre and the crack team at have the posters on sale now.

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