Friday, July 22, 2016

Angryblue Forecastle Poster And Prints

Angryblue had the pleasure of doing the festival poster as well as some of the merchandise and also worked-up art prints of the same imagery.

Welcome to an underwater adventure with Alice and Wonderland overtones! There is the art print version of my Forecastle 2016 poster.
4 colors 18x24
run of 250 signed/numbered

BourbonRat SplitFountain
This little guy reminds Angryblue of Pendleton from Charlotte's Web.
18x24" 3 colors - 2 split-fountain with bourbon in the inks!
The background is a pattern of prohibition-era alcohol prescriptions. You can see 'do not refill' and doctor's signatures.
limited to a run of 100 signed/numbered prints.

This piece was also created to celebrate the bourbon-themed art Forecastle festival in Louisville, KY. So much so, that Angryblue mixed bourbon into all of the inks! Smooth and creamy! The split-fountains vary throughout the entire run as the inks move around and blend differently throughout the run.

3 colors split fountain
18x24 signed

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