Thursday, July 7, 2016

New Flesh Print Mystery Tube and Sponsorship Announcement

New Flesh is moving into a new space! To start fresh and help with the moving expenses, they are offering their 2nd Mystery tube sale.

On sale at noon on Thursday, July 7 - 10 (or until they sell out). Each tube will include:
Three 18”x24” posters
One smaller print “12x16” or 12”x12” etc.
One handbill

This tube sale draws from prints starting with their early releases to almost everything going all the way through 2015. There are over 40 unique prints to pull from including Regulars, Variants, line art variants and never before available versions. Some of the line art and never before available prints are:
“I am the mountain, and the forest and the earth” line art variant
“I am the mountain, and the forest and the earth” 2 color test print
Aliens on pearl 3 color blue green variant
Aliens on pearl 3 color light blue variant
Night of the Living Dead line art variant

Also, included in the sale by request only will be “Test Prints” that were the “1st” prints of about 7 different posters. These prints were the working prints that have notes on them and are literally the first impressions made of each layer in the run. These are early NF posters circa “Charade” etc. These are working prints and are a record of the printing process. Again, these are by request only. If you want one, indicate that in the paypal notes.

I'm also happy to announce New Flesh as the newest sponsor for Inside The Rock Poster so put your hands together then back on your mouse and head over to for the tube sale

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