Thursday, July 21, 2016

James Flames 311 Cleveland Poster And Soul Mates Print Release

For all you strummers, shredders, thrashers, pickers and grinners out there - and for anyone who's ever felt that magical connection to the music... James Flames new art print titled "Soul Mates" will be available Thursday.

Guitars are a personal love of James, and he thought it was about time to pay homage to these instruments that have brought so much magic to his life, both as a player and as a listener and fan.

A modified version of this artwork was also used for 311's recent show in Cleveland, OH. In this version of the poster, the guitars, amps and pedals are the ones used by the guys in the band. Lot's of fun references and hidden "Easter Eggs" in there!

Finally, there are two different HoloFoil variants of the 311 poster as well.

Everything will be available Thursday, July 21st at 2pm Eastern on his website

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