Friday, June 23, 2017

Crosshair Swans Angel Olsen And Eric Church Posters

Dan MacAdam of Crosshair Design recently returned from ancient and beautiful Barcelona where Crosshair was a participant in the Flatstock 60 international rock poster show at the Primavera Sound music festival, alongside 30 of the world greatest printmakers and Most Fun People. Dan was commissioned to produce two posters for artists performing at the festival: Swans and Angel Olsen.He was  very excited about both of them. Swans they've worked with before (including a poster for their previous Primavera performance in 2015); Angel far as Dan know's this is the first screenprinted poster ever made for her as a headliner.  Prior to the trip Dan completed two more posters for Eric Church, bringing it to 5 for this year's tour.

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