Friday, June 23, 2017

Rob Loukotka I Spy Gold ACME Poster Kickstarter Project

Pretty cool news a while back, Kickstarter had invited Rob Loukotka to do a 'remix' of his huge ACME poster for an upcoming celebration.

This week Kickstarter is celebrating their 8th year and $3B in projects by featuring his designs as part of their 'Kickstarter Gold' campaign. In 2012 you might remember his 'ACME Corporation' poster raised $105,000 there.

A new poster featuring 126 ACME gadgets featured in Wile E Coyote cartoons from 1949 to 1994, is now a part of just 60 hand-picked projects to celebrate the history of Kickstarter thus far.

Anyway, Rob illustrated the poster with a retro 'I Spy' vibe and Kickstarter effectively launched his company and career back then.

'I Spy' Gold | The ACME Corporation
18x24" 3 color screen print with metallic gold ink
signed by Rob
$39 w/ free shipping in US

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