Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Obey Giant Target Exceptions Poster by Shepard Fairey Release

Obey Giant is set to release a new print by Shepard Fairey.

Little background from Shepard on the art:
My “Target Exceptions” print addresses the challenges of both visiting and becoming a resident of the United States for many people. As it turns out, there are various target criteria that make a person an ideal candidate to immigrate, but most people who might long to fulfill the “American Dream” are exceptions to the target qualifications, especially considering the attitudes and attempted policies of the current administration.

Resident status in the U.S. is hypothetically granted for four main reasons: family ties, employment, status as a refugee, and to promote diversity.

In other words, it will most likely be family or business/employment connections that are the most viable route to a U.S. visa considering that refugees and people who would expand diversity seem altogether unwelcome in the U.S. at the moment. I’ll be donating proceeds of this print to the ACLU to support their advocacy work for immigrant communities.-Shepard
Target Exceptions. 18 x 24 inches. Screen print on cream Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 450.

Available Thursday, June 15 at 10AM PDT on in Store under Prints.

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  1. Wow, there are a TON on ebay! That captcha system totally screwed me, I had to click on roads, mountains, store fronts, signs... glad to see the new system is working to keep them out of long time collectors hands!