Monday, June 5, 2017

Guy Burwell Avett Brothers, Band of Horses And A Free Print

Guy Burwell has won his battle with cancer and has 2 new posters and a free print.

Details from Guy on the art;

Band of Horses were nice enough to let me take my sweet time and explore some of the weird brain clouds and come up with a new print for their Spring Tour coming up right now. The art is a sort of free form “let me do what feels comfortable and no hang ups” sort of medicated sunflower to start this new season. The prints are really attractive in a sort of Old Themes meet New Means sort of way.
PERSONAL NOTE: Coming out of having treatments and huge piles of fatigue and exhaustion of mind and body inside and out, making these three items were partly strange therapy in and of themselves. This Band of Horses art, loose and boundary-less was perfect for the first thing back. Having them let me let my pencil be weird was very necessary, and I appreciate the support.

A second offering, Road Warrior (not the Road Warrior you are thinking of but rather the first in a short line of) is a new small art print in the same spirit to get another little aspect of healing out through our brain, along our elbow, past the forearm vein and along the finger to the pencil then expressed via a nice Kuretake. The first in a small collection of these we hope.
PERSONAL NOTE: For them who draw, for profit or even just for fun, they know that access to the void is both therapy, desperately important therapy and also escape and also entertainment and also expression and also happiness. When that access is broken or denied, it makes everything harder. So finding it again is good stuff.

As a Third item, consider The Avett Brothers and my effort on their behalf and their infinite patience and glory in helping us out with some added purpose of effort and genial acceptance and support! Hooray, is the word for today. And here is the poster art that we provided for The Avett Brothers in Tallahassee, FL. for 2017. We were making an effort to make certain that we did a lot of drawing for this one, just to remind our self that it’s still possible. xo
PERSONAL NOTE: This one actually started slowly, went along slowly and ended very slowly as I took my time to concentrate on lots of tiny lines as I knew I would be having to deal with them sooner or later, and The Avett Brothers were super relaxed and willing to have me take the time to do something mental.

Once again Jason at Po'Boy arts, in conjunction with two hanging exhibits in Portland, and a recent fundraising Online Art Sale on our behalf (!!!) will be handling all of the arrangements for offering these prints to the Public! And our many thanks to him and everyone at Po' Boy.


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