Thursday, June 1, 2017

James Flames Primus Asheville Poster And Mother Nature Print Release

James Flames will have the poster he made recently for Primus, for their recent show in his home-base of Asheville, NC. This version was screenprinted by hand, and it contains similar artwork as the "Mother of Nature" art print, but has some fun changes and customization's.

This screenprinted Primus poster is also available in two very limited variant editions. One is printed on Kaleidoscope HoloFoil in an edition of 30, and the other is printed on 3-D Bubbles Foil in a super small edition of 5. Both these foils look really insane in person - with every move of the paper, the image dances colorfully and comes to life.

He is also excited to announce the release of his newest art print, entitled "Mother of Nature".

She's a force. And she's the source. And in her care are all the elements of nature: fire, water, all the flowers and foliage and flora in our world, the minerals buried in our earth, the clouds in the sky, even the sky itself, and, of course, the winds of change -- all of which are represented in the illustration by the different parts of her, from her hair, to her necklace, to her azure blue eyes.

This release is a little different than his usual, in that it's a Fine Art Giclée Print. In order to capture all the delicate nuance of the colors, this piece is printed with vibrant and archival inks, on the finest quality 290gsm paper.

 Everything will be available today at Thursday, June 1st at 12 noon Eastern

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