Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Metallica Houston Poster By Maxx242 Release

Maxx242 did the poster for the Metallica show Houston this past weekend and it rocks.

Posters measures 12″ x 36″ and are 6 color screen prints for Metallica's June 11th, 2017 show at NGR Stadium in Houston, TX.

Signed and numbered edition of only 70 purple/blue colorway AP's.
Signed and numbered edition of only 30 rainbow foil AP's.

Maxx on his inspiration for the artwork:
"The artwork in this poster incorporates the bands first 5 albums as well as a few nods to the great state of Texas. The hammer is from the Kill Em All album, and the club with the spikes is referenced from the old Damage Inc graphic (which is from the Master of Puppets album). I added a little lightning in the background to tie in the Ride the Lightning album. The blind fold represents the ...And Justice For All album, and the snake is from the Black Album. I drew a rattle snake to reference Texas as well as adding the bull horns and Houston/Nasa logo as a nod to the Space Center located within the state.

As with many of my fellow artists, I grew up listening to Metallica and they were always a huge inspiration in my art. I really wanted to pay tribute to that on this piece and hope I did it justice! Thank you!"-Maxx242
 Available on Tuesday June, 13th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

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