Friday, June 23, 2017

Bernie Wrightson Meltification of the Loathsome Fishes Print

Nakatomi have a very special release, a project that was in development before Bernie Wrightson passed earlier this year.

Nakatomi is proud to release this brand-new reproduction of one of Bernie's great, unpublished masterpieces! Late last year, they were very happy to be able to have access to this original painting that was hanging in Bernie's house, and had it painstakingly scanned at high-resolution to bring you a color-accurate Giclée of this painting.

This print is available in two different sizes- a 12 x 30" edition limited to 400 copies, and a GIANT 24 x 60" edition of only 50 -a massive actual-size reproduction of the original painting.

About the title, from Doyle-
"During one of my last visits at the Wrightson home here in Austin, I asked Bernie about the title of this piece, and he told me, with a grin on his face-'Meltification of the Loathsome Fishes' was from him mishearing the Bible story, 'Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes.' It was classic Bernie- wry and irreverent."

Originally painted back in the 1980's, this image has only been released once before as a print back in 1993. That printing was small, and did not capture the full color depth and 'hot' teal and red highlights of the original painting- it was definitely limited to the printing capabilities of the time. This reproduction features a wider color range to make it virtually indistinguishable from the original- especially at the larger size!
Produced through agreement with the Wrightson Estate.

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