Friday, May 11, 2018

Bioworkz Bison V2 Art Print

This is an updated artwork of the original Bison piece done by Bioworkz. He cleaned up the line work digitally and changed the color scheme. Take notice of the pearlized sheen of this paper and the gloss layer over the navy ink.
"This an ornate illustration of the American Bison. There's something very peaceful and serene about these majestic beasts. This drawing was particularly difficult because it's hard to capture the thick fur coverage of the bison's head. After I got going with the general shape of the head, it was fun to start adding all the various patterns. I'm happy with how this illustration turned out, and I hope you guys feel the same way."- Bioworkz
 Size: 18" x 24" inches (45.72 x 60.96 cm) 5 Color Print + Gloss Layer on Neenah Pearlized Latte 105C (284 g/m) Paper.
Signed, Numbered, and Embossed Limited Edition of 200.

Buy it at in his store.

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