Friday, May 25, 2018

Fábio Moon How To Talk To Girls At Parties Poster Release From Mondo

On Friday Mondo will have a stunning new poster by Fábio Moon for A24's latest film, HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES. Adapted from a short story by Neil Gaiman and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, the story is set in 1970s London and follows Enn and his friends, John and Vic, as they find themselves at a "party" that is actually a gathering of visiting aliens. The film is a ton of fun and features stellar performances, particularly from Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman as a basement-punk "low" priestess. Mondo are huge fans of Fábio Moon and are crazy excited to partner up with him for duties on this poster. He and his brother Gabriel Bá were the artists on the original short story and they knew instantly they had to ask if he'd be interested in creating art for the film adaptation. Be sure to check out the film in theaters this weekend!

"There's something about the connection of the main characters (who are a couple) that's very intimate, very quiet, and at the same time transmits the explosive effect of falling in love. I wanted to put that sense of intimacy in the poster as well as capture the energetic punk aesthetics of the film." - Fábio Moon

This poster will be available Friday at a random time on

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