Thursday, May 17, 2018

Daniel Danger DEFECTIVE COMICS #'s 3 & 4

Daniel Danger was going to keep this for SDCC in July but then he decided otherwise, but he did another fun DEFECTIVE COMICS print of ol' Batsy Mc NoParents lurking over a Blockbuster Video, and he ran it on the same sheet as the Toys R Us print when he sent it to print. It's up in his webstore right now along with the Toys R Us one.

The print is 18x24" four color screenprint, signed.

If you already bought Toys R Us you use the promo code "IBOUGHTTHEFIRSTBATMAN" at checkout it will remove the shipping cost of this new one from your order, and both prints will ship together and save you $10-20 or so. This is sort of a limited opportunity thing as he'll start packing orders early next week.
"I love these silly smaller prints, but I have a barrage of grander personal artwork coming very soon, work I'm really really excited about that i can't wait to get out into the world, so stay tuned." -DD
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