Monday, May 7, 2018

Brian Ewing Moving Sale

Brian Ewing has to move in a few weeks so he is having a MOVING SALE!!!
Why the move?
After 6 years of living in the same apartment we decided it was time for an upgrade. And in those 6 years I’ve done a TON of posters and now have some stock I need to find new homes for because I not so secretly HATE MOVING!

On top of that…I don’t really like doing sales. So TAKE ADVANTAGE of this. Aside from blankets, Megadeth and stuff that cost way too much to produce…everything else is on sale.

That also includes ORIGINAL ART! I’m really lazy about posting OG’s for sale because I don’t like parting with them. Yet all I do is keep them hidden in a drawer away from the likes of eBay flippers and the sun. So if you’re trying to outcool the other collectors out there you should pick up original art from ALL artists!
I'm just moving a mile away from where I currently live in Columbus, OH! Nothing crazy. Freelancing and Tattooing won't be affected! But still...I HATE moving! -Brian
30% OFF (almost) EVERYTHING!!!
Just use code "MOOOVING30" when checking out.

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