Thursday, May 10, 2018

Marc Aspinall A Wrinkle In Time Movie Poster Release From Mondo

On Thursday in partnership with their friends at Cyclops Print Works, Mondo will have a gorgeous new poster for A WRINKLE IN TIME by Marc Aspinall! Ava DuVernay's re-telling of this iconic children's book is truly a visual feast. Marc's composition beautifully combines the quiet stillness of Meg's bedroom with the lush and vivid landscapes that await their adventure to rescue their father. The folks at Mondo were blown away by his use of color and ability to capture the magic of imagination.

24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 300.

"I remember having wallpaper in my bedroom that was adorned with characters and clouds, and it inspired the dual composition. The wallpaper is coming to life, exploding around Meg and her siblings. Much like how time is manipulated in the film, I'm doing similarly with space and perception. I really wanted to bring that feeling of color, immediacy, larger-than-life landscapes juxtaposed with the quiet contemplative middle portion, hinting at two contrasting realms that somehow meet in the middle." -Marc Aspinall

This poster will be available Thursday (5/10) at a random time at

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