Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Matt Leunig 420 Fest & String Cheese Incident Posters

Matt Leunig had a busy April as the Sweetwater 420 Fest came and went and he had the privilege of doing the artwork for the event and he was able to go to Atlanta hang out at the brewery with folks and be a part of the festivities. Matt also ended up doing a print for a special pre-party show with The String Cheese Incident in the ATL which meant he had to sign about 1200+ posters.

Much like Matt's last gig with Sweetwater Brewery, the art direction with the only stipulation being they wanted to work their signature trout into the mix somehow. Along with the regular edition there is a small run of foil variants also.

The String Cheese Incident hit up Atlanta that week to headline a night at the Sweetwater 420 Fest. Matt was lucky to be able to do the poster for the whole Festival and as he has worked with the band a ton in the past it only made sense to work with them on a special print for their Pre-party show at the Variety Playhouse the night before.

Initially the show was a bit of a secret or at least exclusive, so the early concepts played on this fact using secret keyholes and mysterious weirdo characters trying to entice you to partake in the crazy event. For the dude Matt was influenced by R. Crumb & Gilbert Shelton and wanted him to have a kind of “Fabulous Furry Freak Bros” vibe.

The print had a 325 print and was skillfully printed by the badass folks at Good Thoughts. I will have a small Artist Edition (signed/AP) run of 25

Buy them both at http://scrapedknee.com/

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