Wednesday, May 23, 2018

James Flames Dave Matthews Band Woodlands Poster Release

Remember when you used to make blanket forts and pillow forts back in the day? Actually James Flames doesn't even have to think back that far, he still does this all the time.

And while you're getting cozy in your blanket fort, you need some tunes, and wouldn't a Dave Matthews Band album be just freaking perfect?!
Dave and the band are back on tour, and as always it was a pure pleasure to work with these guys. This is the official poster for the first show of the tour, from last week in Texas. The folks I know who were there have told me it was an absolutely magical summer night. - James
Poster is a 18" x 24", Screen Printed Poster
Artist's Edition of 85, Signed & Numbered

These posters sold-out at the show, but his artist's copies are the final prints remaining, and they will be available Wednesday, May 23rd at 1pm EDT on his website

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