Monday, June 4, 2018

Bioworkz Heraldic Phoenix Art Print

Bioworkz has released a stunning new print titled Heraldic Phoenix.
I've always had a hard time drawing an Asian Phoenix, because it's tough to capture the nice flowing feathers of this mythical beast. What I am good at is vintage style artwork, so I fused the 2 styles together of an Asian Phoenix in a traditional Heraldry style format. A East meets West style of artwork if you will. The illustration took roughly 80 hours to complete, and with the addition of colors, it took well over 100 hours to get it print ready. It was a labor of love, so I hope you guys can appreciate the dedication. -Ben Kwok

Size: 18" x 24" inches
5 Color Print
French Paper's Cream Speckletone Paper 80lbs
Signed, Numbered, and Embossed
Limited Edition of 100

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