Thursday, June 7, 2018

Jack Durieux The Third Man Movie Poster Release

This Friday Mad Duck Posters are revisiting one of their favorite movies of all time, Carol Reed's Film Noir masterpiece, The Third Man! We are excited to release new licensed screen prints with art by Jack Durieux!

Jack Durieux did an amazing job capturing the uneasiness and intrigue of the film! From the use of slanted type to increase the expressionism of the composition, to the strong use of shadows and light to highlight the danger and uncertainty coming from a shattered and segmented post-war Vienna.

Regular Edition, 24x36 screen print, Run of 100, $65

Purple Variant Edition, 24x36 screen print, Run of 60, $85

The posters go on sale this Friday June 8th at 12PM Eastern time HERE! There are some surprises with this release, so don't be late!

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