Friday, June 22, 2018

Matthew Johnson Twilight Horror Art Prints

Matthew Johnson released a set of 9x12 screen prints based off of the Twilight Voorhees timed edition print that he did back in April for Friday the 13th. The series consists of four prints: Twilight Krueger, Twilight Leatherface, Twilight Myers, Twilight Voorhees. Because Voorhees was a timed edition, he is only available in the set.

The prints were screen printed with four colors plus a glow layer on 100# white paper. These are a limited edition of 50 prints that are signed and numbered on the back with a custom machete stamp to denote the edition. There are sets available as mentioned, and they come in a hand stamped envelope that also has the machete stamp and is numbered to match the prints.

The prints are $20 each, the set of four is $70. These are very limited and have been selling pretty quickly. They’re currently available on his website at

Last, Matthew has the original illustrations up for sale on his site as well. These are 6x9 illustrations done with archival ink on 140# watercolor paper. They’re signed as well.

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