Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Greg Hyland and Glenn Kay Monster Atlas Book

News about the upcoming Monster Atlas by Greg Hyland and Glenn Kay

Kickstarter Page:

Note: For Softcover purchase order, use the Monster Atlas Softcover Book (Update) banner for correct decreased shipping fee.

The Monster Atlas is a map-based, funny, informative and occasionally spine-tingling guide to monsters and their literal place in the world.

It includes nearly 400 famous and not-so-famous creatures featured in myth and legend, cryptozoology, literature and cinema!

Much like a typical atlas, readers can flip through the pages detailing geographic areas. Only in this version, monster icons are displayed on the various maps based on their reported sightings and/or narrative settings. Written paragraphs and larger, detailed images go into detail about the history of each particular beast.

It is their intention to inform and entertain young and old alike. This project will help to provide a better understanding of these incredible creations (some of these stories have been relayed between people for centuries), as well as giving the owner a sharper and clearer sense of geography.

This particular volume is the first in a proposed series. It will focus on monsters in the Western Hemisphere (that's North America, Central America and South America, folks!).

And should you guys out there like it and help make it a success, then they'll be able to create future editions that will chronicle more creatures in other parts of the world.

Besides the incredible imagery on display, the book will also provide pages of information, statistics and amusing facts on the monsters featured.

Here are some of the rewards available from the Kickstarter campaign...

• A full color PDF of the book.
• A full color Softcover Edition of the book (PDF also included).
• The book with official monster prints from Greg Hyland.
• Stretch goals will release extra art and images that will appear in the book. These works will come from contributing artists Gerhard (Cerebus) for reaching $3000, Paul Pelletier (Guardians of the Galaxy) if we get to $5000, and John Kovalic (Dork Tower) at $7500.
• The book and original monster art from Greg Hyland.
• The book with monster map posters.

• Want your own creation (real or imagined) immortalized in print? Pick this option, tell them all about it and you'll get your beast included in the book!

Co-author and illustrator Greg Hyland has had the idea for the Monster Atlas for decades, but only seriously started working on it in 2014. He's best know for his comic book, and now on-line comic, Lethargic Lad, but has also worked as an illustrator and storyboard artist for the LEGO Group where he storyboarded countless TV commercials, did preliminary design on some LEGO Star Wars sets, and drawing the comics that came with LEGO Batman sets. He has also illustrated several card games for Steve Jackson Games including Munchkin Fu, Burn In Hell, Ninja Burger, and Munchkin Zombies Artist's Edition.

Co-author Glenn Kay has been studying monsters for decades. He has authored multiple books on film (including Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide from Chicago Review Press) and has reviewed movies in print, on TV and radio, as well as for various online outlets. Glenn has also provided narration and character voices in the entertainment industry. Except for an uncredited bit on a 2005 Frontline special on PBS, they have been for shows that you probably haven't seen unless you live in Canada (narration on programs like Killer Comebacks, Design Interns and Women on Top). Still, his work was pretty darn compelling. He is currently the President of the San Diego Film Critics Society. In between his duties for this organization, he spends his time researching monsters and warning others about their very real existence.

Check it out on Kickstarter HERE.

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