Wednesday, June 27, 2018

TAZ Pixies Dallas Poster

TAZ seems to love Dallas and doing posters for the PIXIES, so once again, for the show tonight at the Starplex Pavilion, the PIXIES have a new TAZ poster. The last one aped the German expressionists, this one zeros in on Texas outlaw biker gangs. TAZ figured that when the PIXIES ride into town, folks pay attention, they are hard, weather beaten, and tough – not a band to be messed with. TAZ lives at the beach, and when he thinks of Dallas it is all chrome, choppers, and drag pipes – not really, but it makes a great retro romantic poster image.

Once again TAZ cranked out original hand-lettering for the name of the band. The size of the poster is 18x24, and it’s a 7-color silkscreen. It is printed on #100 Cougar paper. There will be 50 signed and numbered regular posters, and 25 signed and numbered rainbow foil versions – which looks sick.These will go on sale very shortly at

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