Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Jack White Las Vegas Prints by Matthew Jacobson

When Jack White performed 2 shows in Vegas last week, the concert poster he designed for the shows was a full deck (actually, 60 different cards) of poster-sized playing cards. When someone paid for a poster, they were dealt a random card from the deck. After the show, Jack picked a card from a regulation deck -- and if your poster matched the card he picked, you won a prize. The first night he picked the 5 of Diamonds and the second night the 3 of Hearts.

Extremely limited. Double-sided 18x24 poster-sized playing card. Signed but not numbered. Each card is 1 of an edition of just 6 black-backed cards, as only 6 complete decks were produced.
You will receive 1 random card from a deck of 60 (the standard 52 plus 2 jokers and 6 variants). One black deck has been shuffled: Matthew will deal one card at a time from the top of the deck based on when he receives your order. This means the card you receive is random.

On sale now at magicpaper.bigcartel.com

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