Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ravi Zupa Pixies Poster Release & Art Print

Ravi Zupa designed a poster for a recent Pixies show in the Denver area. He also created an art print with the same design.

He talks about the design:
This is one of the most complicated poster designs I’ve created. The process was inspired by lithographs from the late 1800s. I drew the entire image six separate times, once for each color. When combined using the correct order, registration, and ink opacity, the layers create a great deal more complexity and texture than other screen printing methods.

I dedicate these to my lovely brother, Idris Zupa, who loved Frank Black and the Pixies, perhaps more than I do. Idris lost his life to his own mind in 2006 and the fine art version of this print is a supplication to stay alive and be great. Who is better qualified to have this complicated discussion than the magnificent Virginia Woolf. Love. -RZ
On sale Monday at 2pm MDT at

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