Monday, August 20, 2018

Matt Leunig 311 Montreal Poster Release

Matt Leunig designed his first 311 poster for the recent concert in Montreal.

Matt talks design:
I originally drew some inspiration for the concept from the original name of the venue, Metropolis. It has a very art nouveau-vibe and led to a bunch of early sketches that touched on the French element of the area. The club eventually changed their name to MTELUS, which I’m not sure what that means but in keeping with a lot of their current tour posters I wanted to push the trippy space vibe. From this I came up w/ our current headdressed space beauty / cosmic mistress. The colors originally reflecting the red & blue of Montreal but eventually i said screw it for a more eye-popping cosmic neon color palette.
The show edition was a print run of 113 prints. Matt will have an Artist Edition of 50 prints (Signed/Numbered) available on Monday, August 20th at 11am PDT. Along with the regular edition he will have 3 different types of foil variants available
Rainbow foil… print run of 28 (Signed / numbered)
Lava foil… print run of 13 (Signed / numbered)
Sparkle foil… print run of 13 (Signed / numbered)

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