Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Charles Peterson Eddie Vedder Drop In The Park Print Release

1xRUN is excited to announce Drop In The Park featuring 7 new timed limited editions from legendary Seattle photographer Charles Peterson! To coincide with Pearl Jam's 2018 US tour 1xRUN has partnered up with Charles Peterson to look through his expansive archives for some old favorites, never before seen shots and more surprises for 7 new timed limited editions dropping for each stop of the band's 2018 tour!

To kick things off they've got one of Peterson's most famous shots of Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder hanging from the stage scaffolding at the band's historic Drop In The Park show at Seattle's Magnuson Park back in 1992. Read on for the story behind these iconic photos and check back for daily releases at each stop of Pearl Jam's US Tour.

This print is a 12 x 17 Inches Archival Pigment Print. Timed Limited Edition that is signed & numbered will be closed on September 12th at 3pm.

"These Pearl Jam photos represent over 25 years of working with the band. They make me feel old and young simultaneously. I guess you could say these are part of what I’m now calling “The Grunge Years” which is also the working title of my next book I’m slowly assembling. A lot of this work (in fact most) was self-assigned, and the bands trusted me to do my thing and do well by them. It’s still the agreement we have for post-grunge events like the Pearl Jam Mariners stadium shows I’m shooting this week.

One thing about photographing Pearl Jam is there’s never any flash. They were one of the first bands that made it to the big stages out of the Seattle scene - stupidly I missed out on their club days because I was so focused on Nirvana, Mudhoney and Soundgarden (not a bad thing.) Big stages mean longer lenses, faster film, etc. so it was an opportunity to explore a different style of music photography than I was initially known for. If you like Pearl Jam, and appreciate their history, not to mention owning a part of the legacy that I gifted to the grunge generation, then these are for you." - Charles Peterson

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