Thursday, August 2, 2018

Lee Bermejo Gangs of New York Movie Poster Release By Mondo

Mondo are excited to have a new poster by the great Lee Bermejo for Martin Scorsese's GANGS OF NEW YORK. Set in the Five Points district of 1863 New York, the film focuses on Irish immigrant Amsterdam Vallon as he seeks revenge against his father's killer - William Cutting, aka "Bill the Butcher." Scorsese's American epic is grandiose and full of gorgeously detailed mid-19th century production design as well as great performances, including a particularly magnetic Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill. Lee Bermejo is one of our favorite artists and his bottomless talents prove a beautiful match for Marty's grimy and brutal epic.
"GANGS might be my favorite Scorsese movie. Yeah, I know he made TAXI DRIVER, GOODFELLAS, and RAGING BULL. All amazing, all in my top 10, but none of them have Bill the Butcher. C'mon Marty...crossover opportunity." -Lee Bermejo
This poster will be available on Thursday August 2 at a random time from

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