Friday, August 24, 2018

Neon Eye Presents Limited Edition Print Release From: Jeff Wood & Eyesore

Neon Eye in collaboration with Lady Lazarus would like to present the online release of new limited edition serigraph prints. Each debuted at the Neon Eye pop-up gallery located at San Diego Comic Con last month.

‘Enlightened 1’ by: Jeff Wood

A word from the artist: ‘The inspiration for this piece came from my painting instructor, Robert Venosa. Venosa's piece, ”Enlightenment” featuring a symmetrical Buddha in the middle of a signature exploding abstract, is one of my favorites. As a screen print poster artist who usually works in flat color and linework, strangely, my oil paintings fall more into the fantastic realism of painters like Venosa, Giger, Ernst Fuchs, Hoffmann, and Rubinov. This image was created using digital pastel brushes that I custom built to mimic the technique I use when laying down an underpainting on canvas. It’s a definite nod to my Maestro Venosa after his passing and the influence he had on me as a painter and human. This piece honors his memory. I miss him dearly.’

This serigraph print, based off of the original digital painting, was broken down into a dozen layers of rich blues and blacks to capture its full range and depth. Printed on heavy archival cotton rag with hand torn edges. Sized at 20 x 30 inches, it was produced in a limited edition of 130. Each print is finished with Jeff Woods’ signature, hand numbered, and embossed with the Neon Eye insignia.

‘Unmade Bed’ by: Eyesore

Street artist, Eyesore’s unmistakable style and composition is a common sight for any inhabitant of Houston, TX. His distinct bold, inked lines flow from electrical boxes to gallery walls. Neon Eye has produced ‘Unmade Bed’ as a single stencil silkscreen, on archival cotton rag, with a subtle metallic split fountain blend. Produced in a limited edition of 70 pieces, signed & numbered by the artist. Finished with hand torn edges & embossed with the Neon Eye insignia.

Additionally, Neon Eye will be offering an option to purchase each print, ready to hang, housed in a custom designed contemporary frame. Each assembled professionally using archival museum quality materials.

All print editions above are on sale now at:

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