Tuesday, July 30, 2019

N.C. Winters Twiddle Tumbledown Poster Release

N.C. Winters had the pleasure of designing the poster for the band Twiddle’s Tumbledown festival last week in Burlington, Vermont. The band requested a special poster to highlight their annual festival, and he is super happy with the result.
N.C. talks details:
"I knew I wanted to finally try a split fountain for a poster, and the sky for this one offered the perfect opportunity. Once again, Lady Lazarus crushed the printing on this, and I’m stoked on the results. The poster design came from one of many shower-sketches where I take a long hot shower and ideas just seem to come. I jot the ideas down on one of many waterproof sketchpads on the shower wall, to capture them as quickly as possible. There was something about the interaction between a bird and a hot air balloon rider that caught my mind’s attention. I wanted to figure out a way to illustrate that narrative, and the Tumbledown Festival seemed like the perfect opportunity.
The posters are all seven color screenprints which include the aforementioned split fountain two-tone fade in the sky. Each print is hand signed and numbered. The band commissioned a variant for their VIP ticket holders, and he’ll have a select SMALL handful of those available for purchase as well. Total versions include the main show version, the VIP, and my artist variant in subtle pinks and purples. Each version will also be available in limited quantities on holographic rainbow foil.

The prints go up in his online shop this coming Wednesday, July 31 at a random time before Noon EDT.

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