Wednesday, July 24, 2019

David Welker Conference on the Mound & Phish Boston Release Update

David Welker is happy at last to offer his artists edition of the recent Phish from Vermont at Boston's famed Fenway Park print. This release will be a random lottery that will stay open for a half hour on Wednesday, July 24th @ 12PM to 12:30PM EDT.

Just checkout with the free lottery entry option on the homepage and you will be automatically entered. Limit of 1 entry per person/household, multiple entries will be disqualified. It's a seven color screen print with three metallic inks at 16x16" in an Artists Edition of 50 prints for $50. Winners will be emailed by 12:45PM and will have 15 minutes to checkout before we pick new winners.

David also wanted to commemorate that intense Saturday rain delay show with an art print titled "Conference on the Mound". It was a wild day and after hours of buckets of rain and bolts of lightening that threatened to send the rain soaked devotees home the band took the stage and delivered an epic one set show like the troubadours that they are.

This release will include a 14 color screen print main edition with a 9 color metallic variant and a deep impression letterpress also available on Wednesday at 12PM EDT.

Both will be available at

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