Monday, July 8, 2019

Pig Hands Sabbath Art Print

Grant from Bitter Melody Records has started doing prints with artists through his record label. He did a handful with Chris Taylor of pg99. Grant just started working with a Macedonian artist named Pig Hands and they just launched their first print together.

Pig Hands works in detailed pen and ink drawings and he crosses over  into the heavy music world as well. He has done album covers for Die Young, False Light, Dopelord, Shocktroopers, and more. They wanted to focus on his pen and ink detail so they took the Shocktroopers LP cover he did and they did a 19”x19” screen print on 100lb Whip Cream Pop Tone French Paper. Limited to 50 copies. Each print is numbered and comes with a COA from Macedonia which is signed and numbered to match the print.

The print is available from

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