Wednesday, July 10, 2019

David Welker Phish Boston Fenway Park Poster Release

Phish had David Welker do an exclusive poster for their pop-up shop this past weekend.

According to David:
It was a real thrill to make a poster for the mighty Phish from Vermont playing at the fabled and storied Fenway Park in ye olde Boston City. I lived in Boston for a few formative years in the late 80's and first saw Phish in 1989 at a small club just up the hill and westward from Fenway Park. I felt a sparkling energy coming off the stage way back then in that intimate 500 capacity venue. I knew they were up to something. It was undeniable. They were Wizards. Mad Scientists. I have to say it feels like a dream returning after 30 years and seeing them in Fenway Park and having the honor of making this piece to commemorate the occasion. This one is very special to me, and I really hope you enjoy it. It's a seven layer screen print with three metallic inks. The original pen and ink and hand drawn supplemental layers are possibly the most detailed and balanced work I've ever done for a poster. Thank you to everyone who braved the heat and made the effort to grab one at the pop up shop.

For the release of his personal copies David will do a random lottery on Wednesday, July 17th at 12Noon EDT. There will also be a special additional print dropping alongside the lottery at

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