Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jeral Tidwell Rabbit Print on sale NOW.

The details from Mr Jeral Tidwell:

Howdy Folks, I promised that 2011 was gonna be different and I hope this shows that I am serious... especially after the dragon / wu-tang from 2 weeks ago.
Anyway, I thought you all would appreciate this as a nice step in my printing evolution.

This is my most unique print so far... I wanted to create the illusion of embossed paper to add another level of visual and physical beauty.
I accomplished this by screen printing 2 layers of clear varnish over the image and the result is more than I could have dreamed.
Once you have this in hand you will not want to stop touching is truly the most unique poster you will have in your collection.
18X24 inches, screen printed, 3 colors plus 2 layers of clear to create the beautiful embossed effect. Signed and numbered edition of only 100 pcs.
The Japanese characters in the corner are simply my name... TIDWELL.
For sale in the art prints section of my web site...

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